The Asian Century

The resurgence of Asia as a major global power is depicting a new world order. With almost 30% of the global GDP, 60% of the world’s population, 45% of the global economic growth and home to the most fast growing emerging economies, Asia is leading the XXIst century as the most dynamic region in the world.


The global turn towards Asia challenges Spain and Europe to rethink its place in the world. Europe’s economy and well-being are bound to Asian growth and development. Asia opens up new economic and cultural competitive pressures that are likely to become new frontiers of opportunities for the benefit of all economies, societies and the environment.


Conversely, Europe’s largest trading single market, result of a unique pioneering regional integration process, stands out as a benchmarking opportunity for Asia’s future. Europe’s tradition and close historical, economic and cultural ties with other emerging regions like Latin America and Africa offer big prospects for Asian partners in search of innovative alliances and partnerships to secure their sustainable development at a global scale. European and Asian economies and corporations alike need cross-cultural knowledge and mutual cooperation too if they wish to grow and flourish as leading global actors in the XXIst century and unleash the power of business and innovation for a more developed, sustainable and happier planet.