The EU-Asia Globiz addresses the following priority research topics:

  • Needs, context-analysis, business opportunities, marketing strategies and assessment of the potential of European companies in/to Asia and Asian companies in Europe.
  • Comprehensive analyses grounded on the complexities of Asian business, political economy, society and culture and its inter relations with institutions and corporate governance.
  • In-depth study and evaluation of modern oriental leadership, management and business models applied by Asian corporations.
  • Business triangulation dynamics of international strategies jointly developed between the EU, Asia and third emerging regions such as Latin America.
  • Inclusive business, social innovation and Base of the Pyramid markets in Asia.
  • Science, technology, innovation and Smart cities.

The research primarily focuses –although non-exclusive- on East Asia (China, Korea, Japan), India and emerging countries in South-East Asia. The Center also emphasizes cross-regional and comparative research, offering a cross-disciplinary approach to studying Asian countries, regions, and issues that link them to one another.


The Center offers education with a global perspective on:

  • Tailored executive programs specifically designed to tap into the companies’ needs to address Asian, European and Latin-American markets and businesses.
  • Executives lectures on Asian business for MBAs, masters of management and related courses.
  • Guest lectures, workshops and seminars on state-of-the-art Asian business-related issues.


The Center provides advisory, consulting and coaching services in internationalization, marketing, innovation and business cooperation for EU and Asian corporations, non-profit organizations and public agencies.